Monday, June 1, 2009

Etsy Finds & Book Art

I just had to share these items that I found on Etsy. They’re listed as my favorites. But any of them would make lovely presents. (Wink wink, nudge nudge.)

I’ve been on a tea-drinking kick ever since I bought my adorable little green teapot, so I searched for vintage teacups and teapots. Look at the cuties I found! I’d like to just display these pieces. Gorgeous.

And these handmade bobby pins are to die for. I could just look at them forever. They make me want to curl my hair just to pin them in it.

This wall sconce is made out of PLASTIC! It’s adorable and only $8. I might have already bought it if there was more than one available. But maybe cute enough for just one... (??)

This mirror would look amazing in our bathroom. Or anywhere really. Narcissus would have starved to death standing in front of this beauty. Small but elegant.

And check out this artwork I found! It's expensive (for me) and I don't like the large view, which is this:

But the detailed shots are amazing. I love it! Artwork out of the printed word always gets me going. Even though this is less "words" than "letters" I still love love love!

Isn't it stunning? I'm trying to find ways to display literature in my home in an artistic way. Books are my favorite worldly possessions in the world. So far I've found this piece here and also this below which I'd like to copy for some of my favorite works....

I'm thinking something from Shakespeare or James Joyce. Thoughts?

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