Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Girly Toolbox

I like things that are pretty. Don't get me wrong - I'm a bit of a tomboy as well. I can drive a car with a manual transmission, I check my car's fluids regularly, I refuse to call AAA when I get a flat tire because I know how to do it myself and I love getting into the dirt and using the car jack like I'm on a NASCAR pit crew. That said, I like skirts and manicures and flowers and curling my hair. So when I wanted all of my new gadgets and DIY tools in one spot, I knew who to call.

Allow me to introduce a friend of mine. I bought this decorative, hinged box at HomeGoods about a month ago and didn't quite know what to do with it. I just knew that I loved it to pieces. Not literally into pieces, since it IS pretty sturdy.

As I gathered all of my goods, I knew that I needed to get them all together in one place so that I wouldn't lose anything. (I'm notorious for that.) This box handles the job with style! Here are some of the things I gathered together before I started filling it up.

Let's see, we've got a hammer. (Like Captain Hammer. Whedon fans, anyone?? Anyone?? Buehler?) Pliers. Check. Screwdriver? Check. So what else could I need in my toolbox? Wire cutters. Beads. Pretty ribbon. White paint for ceramics. Spray paint gun (not yet used, but soon to be my new best friend). Thread for my curtains. Tape measure.

I also added these items from our junk drawer. Why show you everything? One, I know you're DYING to know. And B, this can serve as an index for my husband for all of the things that I stole from his toolbox. If you can't find anything, sweetie, please reference above photos. And don't be mad if I also stole some items that are not pictured. Love you!

Just to prove that everything fits, here it all is. I also added my painter's tape, some nails... you get the idea. It won't look this neat for long. I intend to use it constantly!

P.S. We're on day 42 and a million for this rainy weather. Everything is moist. Eck. Someone send us some sun!


  1. Absolutely lovely! I loved the box. I quite like your description of yourself. I would pretty much be a mix of the tomboy and the hair-curling lover too. Hee.


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