Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yes I Can

Yes I CAN make make a vase out of an old aluminum can! Ugh. Puns are my comedic downfall. Bear with me. I wanted to put some flowers in our downstairs bathroom, but I wanted more whimsy, less elegance. Verdict? Enter aluminum can from whole peeled tomatoes (via last night's tortellini and semi-homemade sauce, courtesy moi).

Remove label. Wash inside thoroughly. If your manual can opener is a jerk like mine is, trim any sharp edges with a wire cutter. Measure the side, and cut a pretty piece of scrapbooking paper to fit the measurement.

Tape the paper onto the can. (I'm sure there's a much more professional way to do this, but we're working with old cans, here, so I didn't think it mattered much.) Here's the finished bathroom model.

And here are her two sisters, the diced tomato can and the smaller (but feisty) tomato paste can. Beautiful makeovers, ladies. They match since they'll be on a shelf together in my living/dining room.

Here's the orange complete with flowers. Fake. (I know, I know... But until I'm making the big bucks it'll have to be fakies.)

And the blue, holding my loose beads, wire cutters, paint brushes, etc... and the tiny one will do nicely for pencils and pens.

Here are the flowers in their new home. Not the nicest seat in the house, but they sure brighten the place up. This bathroom is small, and has no outside windows (I installed my own ^_^) so the lighting is terrible.

And the blue. You live there now.

Works for me!


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