Thursday, June 25, 2009

T Minus 22 Hours

Tomorrow is D-Day for the company’s trip to Six Flags, New England. Let’s get you excited about it too. Here are some fun photos. The Superman Ride of Steel....

And from the top...

The Mind-Eraser...

This whole she-bang has been planned by yours truly, so I’m a wee bit nervous. Charter bus is paid for and confirmed. Tickets, meal vouchers, park maps, and photo scavenger hunt instructions are printed out and divided into personalized welcome packets for each employee. Prizes are approved and ready to go. We’ve arranged a bus challenge, which will be the first team building exercise of the day.

Each person has submitted a fun fact about themselves that not many people know. Mine is “I once had a piece of artwork featured in a state art show.” No one here knows that I’m artistic, but if they use their imaginations they should be able to figure it out. When we run out of these questions, we’re moving to Trivial Pursuit. We’ll do a bunch of those until people get rowdy, bored, or physically combative. Whichever happens first. The prize for the winning team is a Flash Pass, which allows the group to greatly lessen (oxymoron, whoa) the amount of time waiting in line. Highly coveted. By me especially.

The photo scavenger hunt is going to be awesome. I made this one up myself! I got help with a few of the items, but the coup de grace is for employees to find look-alikes of the upper management team (CEO, VP, COO, etc) and to ask the random park guest to take a photo with the group for extra points. Ought to be interesting!

I promise to post pictures from our trip. And hopefully some funny ones from the scavenger hunt.

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