Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Heads up for Headboards

Ahhh the headboard. We badly need one in our master bedroom. Our bed looks so sad and lonely, no matter how many silly pillows (Scott's words) I add to it. Solutions? I could make my own headboard. I'm confident, at this point, that I could upholster one all on my lonesome. The only problem is that I don't feel like paying for the headboard frame itself. Or the material to cover it. Etcetera.

Alternate solution? Troll Better Homes & Gardens for headboard ideas that don't involve having an actual headboard. All of the images coming up are BH&G. Because they're that amazing. For reals. If you register to their website, there are TONS of pictures and inspiration. Like, I just went over there to get the link and spent about ten minutes drooling before I remembered I was writing a post. Impressive.

One of my favorite ideas comes from one of my favorite bedrooms on the site. I love blue and brown mixed together. (Especially blue material with a brown toile print - *sigh*) I'm also obsessed with this non-headboard idea. If I find any old windows hanging around, it's all over.

I love each and every one of those prints in the separate window panes. I think we need a closer looksie.

Notice how they also continued the prints on the throw pillows. It all looks so fresh and so dreamy. I love the brown accent ribbon that's been added to the pillows. And those brown paisley shams are clearly from a totally random set. I like that it all matches, yet it's mismatched at the same time.

My other favorite are these shelves mounted to the wall behind the bed. For a book lover such as myself, my mind starts spinning with ideas for what I could put on something like this.

My collection of old books (love!), framed literary quotes, bud vases brimming with hydrangea, wedding snapshots of Scott and myself... also good for holding our cell phones, alarm clocks, and stray hairties and bobby pins that I inevitably forget to take out before bedtime. This one's a definite contender for the headboard job. I also love the old columns which were pulled out of a salvage yard, adding a touch of outdoor architecture within the room. Scott's response when he saw it? "Columns are for holding things up. Outside." Ugh.

Continuing with my love of blue and brown, check out this beauty. I just know that half of the reason I'm in love with this room is the sheets (squeal!) and the hydrangea on the side table (swoon!).

This bench cushion hangs from a simple moulding with hooks added. I love the seemingly random placement of the frames above it.

These awesome hankies make for an interesting backdrop as well. They're stretched over square artist's canvases. And check out those side tables. Drums! Amazing. And so unique. Never would have done it, but I love it now that I see it in action.

Another one using an artist's canvas. They placed it with the long side vertically, but I would probably turn it horizontal. I'm also digging those wall sconces, but wouldn't know how that works when it comes to wiring. Any electricians out there?

This one is nice for purely sentimental reasons. I can't imagine finding picture frames cheap enough for me to bother doing this, but I suppose it could happen. They'd need to be literally less than $2 each. And the people in the pictures could only be me and Scott. Otherwise I'd feel like they were, you know... watching.

I love the old door above the bed trick. Vintage door = instant awesome headboard. All I have to do is find one. I'll let you know if it ever happens. Love the pillows, too!

And this last one is a not-a-headboard-at-all-not-even-a-fake-one... But I love it over in the corner of the room, there! I believe that it might be two old doors covered in material, but the blurb with the picture online only discussed the headboard itself, if I remember correctly. Love it anyway!

That's all for now. Just food for thought at this point. I have several projects that are impending.

*Master bedroom side table gets new lamp
*Dog walking station gets black coat of paint and possible decoupage-y goodness
*Sweet heart-shaped table loses its nasty flowered design and gets a new home in the stairwell with a sassy black coat of paint
*Blank wall gets frisky with newly painted mirror and frames
*Master bathroom gets a window curtain and ribbons for our toiletry basket
*Kitchen window gets curtains - finally (possible sequel - kitchen cabinets get knobs)
*Kitchen wall gets shelves and awesome new plates/teacups get new home
*Brass lamp in living room gets a coat of paint (any paint) so that it'll stop staring at me accusingly

Stay tuned!


  1. Wow I love the window idea. I just found two at a yard sale Saturday and my creative juices weren't flowing and I passed. MAN.

  2. Those are gorgeous. Funny, cause I'm recycling some old cabinet doors to make a headboard, and that first photo gives me SUCH inspiration !

  3. I've been wanting to make a headboard too. I love that picture with the old windows, so beautiful.

  4. Just found you via Centsational Girl's blog. Thanks for sharing all of these ideas. My favorite is the bench cushion purely for comfort purposes--reading in bed would be super comfy! Also like the combo of deep red and pale blue in the room with the columns--so pretty!


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