Saturday, June 6, 2009

Thrift Store Finds

Last time I went to Savers I didn't post my awesome finds. So here's the table I bought for $13. I have some decoupage plans for that guy. When I get around to it, I promise to post my work. For now, it's doing its job as dog walking station just fine.

The little vase on top is from the same store. It was $4. But today I found some really cute stuff that I love. I want to display some nice dishes in my kitchen on shelves, with some hooks underneath for teacups/mugs. The only problem was that I didn't have enough pretty dishes that I wanted to display. I hit up Savers this morning and found some gorgeous blue and white English transfer china.

Since I don't know much about this kind of thing, I'm hoping that I didn't pay too much. But looking even briefly online, I think I "done good". (Please tell me if I'm wrong so that I don't make the same mistake again!)

Here is an up close shot of the teacups, which I love. They were $3 each!

And a gorgeous carriage scene plate. Also $3.

The other plate is from Wedgwood. It was $1.99, but because items tagged in green (the 'color of the day') were 50% off, it was only $1!

The other blue plates aren't too special. I liked that the blue matched the other items, so I thought it would be a nice break for the eyes when I display them. Turns out, they didn't have pricetags on them, so the girl gave them to me for 49 cents each. When I got home, I noticed a Crate & Barrel tag on the bottom of one of them. Yay!

I also bought a little framed literary quote at Kohl's that was originally $19.99 but was on sale for $3.99. I put it up next to our door. The quote is from Emerson: "May you walk gently through the world and know its beauty all the days of your life." Lovely.

I love this little piece from Japan. The bright colors, the pattern... Happiness-inducing.

And now, my piece de resistance.... I found this mirror for $8. Eight!! I can't decide what I want to do with it. I like it the way it is, but I've been thinking of maybe painting it white and distressing the edges. What do you guys think?

Try not to be distracted by Isabel's cuteness. Hard, I know. And also please don't judge me for the print on our couch. It was free. Free. Heinous. *sigh* But free. I tried to buy a slipcover for it, but apparently you need to be smarter than the slipcover in order to make it look presentable. Fail.

All in all, a great day! =)

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  1. Wow! What great finds, I make weekly trips to all of my local thrift stores too.

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