Monday, June 1, 2009

Future Hallway Art??

I think that I may have found my new artwork for the entryway/hallway of our apartment. It's a wide-open space, and there's tons of wall to decorate without it looking like I drew a golf-ball-sized smiley face in the middle of a wall the size of a swimming pool.

Turns out, you can buy single sheets of decorative paper. Check out these samples from PaperSource:

I also love these next three. Maybe all three of them next to each other in separate frames? They're quite similar and I love the color scheme...

I'm also thinking of cutting up some Dover Thrift Editions of classic literature and framing them in one giant frame together. They're usually about $1-$4 per book, and the cover art on some of them are interesting patterns. Like these:

Either way, I need more color on these beige apartment walls. No painting allowed. If it stays like this much longer, I'm going to feel like this:

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