Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pug + Kitty + Laser Pointer

Equals FUN. For Scott and myself. They mostly battle over who gets first dibs at chasing the thing. It always goes the same way. Isabel's tail goes all straight, in an attempt to cover her bum for the battle ahead. They square off.

Isabel lunges toward it, but glances up and sees that she is exceedingly close to kitty. Within paw range. She backs off ever so slightly.

Kitty bats at the light, and Isabel backs off a little further. Note the increased blurriness. It only gets worse from here.

And finally, the kitty has a go at it while Isabel runs wildly in wide circles around her. These cirlces aren't reserved solely for the laser pointer, though. I think it's just a ridiculous pug reaction to any kind of stimulus. Visitors, meal time, sleep time, impending poop, you know - the usual.

Aaaaaaand, SCENE! Never a dull moment.

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