Friday, June 5, 2009

You Gotta Have Friends Family

My sister-in-law, Sarah, is still in college. She'll be a senior in the fall at Roger Williams University.

Since I'm one of only two children (one younger brother), I've never had a sister before. She's the youngest of three, with two older brothers - the oldest being my husband, Scott. She's never had a sister either. So it took us a little while to settle into the roles. I think we're coming along swimmingly. She's a hoot. There are few people I would rather hang out with.

It's a blessing to me how lucky I am. I make friends as readily as any person, but it's incredible to me that my husband's family are such AWESOME friends. They're intelligent enough to understand a random literary reference, and their sense of humor lends well to witty conversation and just plain silliness. Which is, oddly enough, exactly what I needed in life and what I've wanted since I was a teenager looking for it in all the wrong places.

I've had a few semi-serious relationships over the years, and each of them came with its own small disaster of a family. One was an over-protective mother who was certain that I (still a virgin until long after her son, mind you) had deflowered her innocent teenage boy (an oxymoron in itself). Ugh. What a nightmare. The next was a combination creep-a-zoid, pervert father who told nasty jokes to see me blush, as well as a crazy-schizo-exercise-a-holic older sister who was, well, crazy. And her husband was worse. Unpleasantness abounds.

So when I say that I'm blessed, know that I say it with a history to look back on fondly as I enjoy my weekends with my husband's family. Laughing until we cry, playing board games, playing wiffleball in the street... Good times.

And the best part, I must say, is having a sister. Our shopping trip to JoAnn Fabrics was postponed until tomorrow.

I've been looking forward to it all week. Just the gals. ^_^(I WON'T get overwhelmed by all the pretties this time. I won't! I will buy something cute.) And the GREAT news is that my mother-in-law bought us both a sewing machine to share. Joint sewing machine custody, if you will. I can hardly wait to learn how to use it. I have big DIY plans for that puppy!

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  1. Again an interesting it..and indeed Family is needed as well as friends..your way of writing is so simple yet attractive..and thanks for such wonderful pics..thanks 4 dropping in my blog and would hope that u wd be visiting my blog again..became a follower..


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