Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Decorating Ideas from DIY

Here are some awesome projects I’ve found on DIY Ideas. I wanted to share.

We need more artwork in our place, but we also have a ton of wall space that is empty as of now. Sticking even a large picture frame into the middle of it would look ridiculous, so I’m thinking of doing a combination of these:

I wouldn’t necessarily do several of the same print, but who knows? And I wouldn’t use this method of papering the walls themselves and adding a trim border.

It would be more like this. I prefer this method of papering a blank artist’s canvas. Now I just need to find a place where I can buy wallpaper scraps or buy it by the foot... Anyone know of a website or store that does this?

Another project that I have in mind that will likely happen much sooner is to embellish the vases that I bought at the thrift store with some old beaded necklaces or just wire with various beads that I can buy loosely.

I also want to do this with some candles. Gorgeous, right?

My last project is one that I worked on this weekend.

I don't have all plain terra cotta pots, though, so I've had to improvise and paint with the decorations that are already there. Pictures to come, once they're done and once I figure out the card reader for the camera. Also, I'm not mounting them to a fence, even though there is a lovely divider wall that separates our apartment from the one to the right of ours. But I'm pretty sure the wood is just plywood and isn't nearly thick enough. But I love the idea of the painted pots. So far they're pretty cute.

I will also be doing my own version of this.

I won't be using the powdered drink containers since our medicine cabinets have tiny shelves. But I'm planning on using the same idea with some small cans from my pantry. I can't wait!


  1. Girl, we are so like minded. Those images are now all stored away in my pea brain inspiration folder . . . and that medicine cabinet interior is fab !

  2. I agree with CG, the medicine cabinet is fabulous! I am trying to file things I like for when I move next month, and this is definitely being kept. Thanks!


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