Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Take the Good With the Bad

I took Friday off and had a four day weekend, which was definitely nice. I had big plans for the apartment. I was going to organize all of our bookcases (four of them in our living room, stuffed to the brim) and I was going to paint some flower pots for my patio garden outside. I also wanted to go shopping at the local thrift stores (I blame Centsational Girl) to see if I could find some nice vases and other fun things to pretty-up the living space.

The good news is that I found some really cute and pretty things for the bathroom and my bookcases. I also found a fake book that will serve as a cute jewelry box. So very me too! And the most darling little teapot for my crimson berry tea pick-me-up at work. Just looking at it here on my desk, next to my books, makes me happy. I keep novels on my desk as a security blanket. No lie. They make my desk feel like a home office. Hell, if I thought they’d let me wallpaper my cube walls, I would.

The bad news is that I have one small problem when it comes to decorating. Her name is Lily. Everything on a flat surface is fair game. We can’t keep her off of our tables, countertops, window shelves, bookcases... Even the top of the fridge is a playground. If I leave anything out, it’s on the floor when I turn my back. The husband brought me a rose when he came home from work the other night (he’s sweet) and I had to refill the vase FOUR times after the cat had knocked it over, spilling flower water all over the dining room table. It seems that any attempts to make the place lovely will have to be executed with kitty in mind. What can I do? Velcro her everything down?

Suggestions??? (Please?)

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  1. You need museum putty to prevent accidents from your putty tat. And lots of Velcro. :-)

    And maybe a mister filled with water? Is that mean? I used that to train my kitty to not jump on the countertops. After a few days, just a peek-a-boo from my water mister and OFF she went.


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