Monday, May 11, 2009

Feline? Fine.

We adopted a cat from the RISPCA about 2 weeks ago. They don’t know how old she is because she was dropped off at their doorstep in a laundry basket, but she seems to be anywhere from 6-10 months old. She’s quite possibly the most bizarre feline I’ve ever encountered, which makes her awesome and a constant source of entertainment.

Strange kitty habit:
Kitty drinks water with her paws. She scoops it out and then licks her paw to get the water from it.

Strange kitty addiction:
Kitty seems to have developed a taste for people food prior to the laundry basket incident. Unfortunately she gets a vigorous spray of water in the face or the butt when she tries it at our house. She may also have short term memory loss, since this only seems to phase her for a few seconds before she tries again.

Strange kitty factiod:
Kitty will only walk away from her food dish once she has attempted to bury it. Always unsuccessful, but always vigilant.

Strange kitty personality:
Kitty loves to be held, petted, and acknowledged in any way. She licks your fingers when you pet her, wraps both front paws around your forearm to ensure that you aren’t going anywhere, and she proceeds to give you a proper sandpaper-tongue bath.

Strange kitty hallucinations:
Kitty entertains herself by imagining that she sees things high up on the walls, and then she attempts to climb these in pursuit of her invisible prey. Kitty only appears slightly embarrassed when she is unsuccessful, but is excellent at masking this by pretending that she “just felt like jumping around, okay?” She then hops and jumps around the living room just to prove a point. So there.

Strange kitty potty habit:
Kitty had an accident in the bathroom. She apparently didn’t make it to the litter box, but she was kind enough to cover her indiscretion with our bathmat so we wouldn’t have to see the unsightly mistake when we walked in. Thoughtful.

All in all, we can’t imagine why someone would have brought her to the shelter, but we’re glad that we found her! The dog is still adjusting to her new sister. She declined statement. She doesn’t seem depressed with the new addition – only perturbed at her odd living-habits. As are we, Isabel, as are we.

Here is a picture of actual kitty, as opposed to previous picture which was not our kitty but was nicely illustrating the countertop issue... It's a little dark, but also hilarious since it looks like she's about to attack the dog. I assure you, she is not. No pugs were harmed in the making of this photo.

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