Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Cube With a View

Today has been a slow one in the office. My work is done, and while I am certainly not lacking things that I could be doing, I’m not seeking out any new projects either. I prefer to spend afternoons like these looking at pretty things online. Here are some things that I like to look at other than my computer screen or the walls behind my desk...

I spend lots of time daydreaming on Country Living. Look at the fourth picture in the series. Such a bright bedroom. I love the colors and all of the space it has. And I also love this one. The very last picture is of a little girl's room, with dress-up clothes hanging near the bed. It is the essence of girlhood. It reminds me of playing dressup when I was little. I had a canopy bed that I was in love with. It was a bed for a princess. Best 5th birthday present ever.

I also love finding pictures of places I'd rather be than at work. How about this one? I feel like I could write a whole story around this picture.

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