Monday, August 3, 2009

Fantabulous News!!

One month. A whole month, people! What could I possibly have been doing with my time? Have I been kidnapped by a band of nomadic and frustratingly invisible ninjas? Travelling Europe? Did I finally get recognized as a fabulous writer with tons of potential by a worthy publishing house and have therefore been rushing for the past month to submit the first few chapters of my book? Alas, no. But I have something better.

Scott and I are going to be parents!!!

If all goes well, we’ll be expecting our wee little one at the end of February. I found out a month ago, and the news has practically consumed all of my waking thoughts. I’m about 10½ weeks along now, and I really have been dying to tell you all. We’re so thrilled, we’re having a tough time containing our excitement. We want to tell everyone we see on the street, but we’ve been refraining from telling many people until I was farther along. As of August 20th, we’re giving ourselves the okay to tell anyone who’ll listen, since it will be the beginning of my second trimester. We’ve told many family members already, and they’re all getting excited too!

(Ahem... not Tina and Scott's baby.) So yeah. Found 'im on Google Images. Isn't he sweet?

But I really couldn’t see waiting to tell all of you. It’s not like I have such a vast following. Besides, it’s been a month since my last post! And I really couldn’t bring myself to write about anything other than baby. Be prepared to be underwhelmed by my posts as I drool over teensy baby booties and various layette items. Don’t hate me when all of my posts begin to sound the same – here’s a nursery that I love. Here’s a nursery that’s ridiculous. And so on. My apologies (not really) and warnings ahead of time.

You’ve entered the baby zone! Cue adorable booties.

(I'm not even sorry.)


  1. SOOOO happy to have entered the Baby Zone!! (So much better than the Danger Zone, but I digress...)

    YEAH for you! Your world is about to become exponentially better!

  2. Hey, Tina! I've missed you, wondered what you were up to. Who know it was going to be so exciting and fabulous!!! Soooo happy for you both. Congratulations and happy and healthy rest of the pregnancy to you:) I'm so jealous, I can live vicariously through you in the baby zone now. Yay!!!

  3. I LOVE the baby zone. Full speed ahead!

  4. Wonderful news!!! Having a baby is the most exciting thing in the world!!! Congrats on your great news!!! I can't wait to hear all about it! I have signed up to follow your blog! Following from MBC! :)


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